Pendleton Woolen Mills, offers blankets, along with a look at how the sheep’s warm coats are transformed into colorful clothing and bedspreads. Unspoken PDX aims to introduce shoppers to new brands. Mantel sells various houseware including vases, mugs and bowls, ceramics and glass, body oils, soaps and more items for the home.

Dea Dia has healing crystals, indoor plants and jewelry. The Tiny Llama sells small items fit for the family of Borrowers that lives under your floorboards. Among the Lilliputian offerings: A tiny mail activity kit, colored pencils the size of hair pins and thimble-sized ceramics. MadeHere PDX, offers all things Portland-produced like Shwood sunglasses, Raft cocktail syrup and Kiriko Made pocket squares.

Yanagida Projects, stylish hoodies, bomber jackets or graphic tees and cut-and-sew line with an emphasis on unisex leisure wear, tees, caps, socks, and booze- and weed-themed pins are also on offer.

Collage Annex, has three locations dotted throughout Portland’s east side, got into the business of selling gifty items. The stationery section is robust, and the calendar section offers gems like a names desk calendars featuring feminist icons like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Marie Curie.

In God We Trust, offers sweaters and baby-blue trousers, an expansive selection of Levi’s, and rich tomato reds and navy blues give the store a pop of color perfect for fall, chic lighters and business card holders.

Leeward Northwest Surf & Sea: There are surfboards, wetsuits, bug spray, bikinis and vintage denim for going out, and blankets, rattan chairs and candles.

Project Object: Cannabis accessories, from narwhal-shaped pipes to golden one-hitters.

Association Shop: The clothing is simple yet elegant; neutrals mixed with brights, new with vintage, and emerging designers with those more established as well as the makeup palettes.

Hillockburn Farm: Sea sponges and dry brushes, bath salts, soaps, bath milks, along with exfoliating cloths and gel eye masks, oils, exfoliants and herbs for custom scrubs and bath salts.

Kate Towers and Nahanni Arntzen, offers a beautiful jumble of shift dresses, blouses, skirts and jumpsuits in range of styles, colors and cuts.

Cosube, this only place in town, where Portlanders can shop for clothing before 7 a.m. That’s because Cosube – short for coffee, surf and beer – doubles as a coffee shop and a bar. The shop stocks surfboards and wetsuits, as well as sweaters, jeans and sunglasses.

Eclectic Rambler Exchange, the store offers clothing, art, housewares and furniture fit for a treasure hunt. There’s something from every decade, from a ’20s crocheted silk tank top to a “New Kids on the Block” poster on canvas.

Olo Fragrance, the brand boasts about 80 wholesale accounts throughout the world, along with collaborations with local hotspots Tusk and Nationale. The oil-based roller-ball perfumes are front-and-center, with names like Lightning Paw, Victory Wolf and Palo Santo.

Maripoll: Bohemian tops with long flowing sleeves, racks of neutrals sit.

Market of Choice on Southeast Belmont Street. Full-service grocery carries super-premium local offerings that most grocers would steer clear of given they top out at $30 a bottle, such as Alesong from Eugene and Ale Apothecary from Bend.